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10 Ways o Have A Budget Friendly Wedding

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Your wedding is one of the few days you will cherish for the rest of your life. Naturally, you want everything to be perfect. However, according to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is just over 30K as of 2018. That is a considerable amount of money that could be going towards you & and your partner’s new lives together. In order to keep you remembering all the joy from your wedding instead of all of the debt, here are 10 ways to spend little on your big day.

1. Prioritize

Before you or your partner spend a single dime, sit down to talk about what can be compromised and what can’t. You may find that you two aren’t on the same page just yet, so doing this step first will end up saving you both a lot of money and valuable time. Make a list together and discuss your visions for the wedding, but keep the focus on big-picture ideas. It’s easy to get caught up in what party favors the guests should take home or the ribbon color on the invites, but ultimately, these tiny details are not the most important aspects of your wedding. A good way to eliminate this by asking whether or not something will matter in the next decade. Come to a point where you both have the same general feel in mind.

2. Agree on a Budget, and Stick to it

Arguably the most difficult part of a wedding is creating a budget you can both agree upon. However, it will inadvertently help you both determine your priorities/expectations for the wedding, making the process extremely valuable. Talking finance isn’t always the most exciting, but there’s nothing less romantic than going into debt for your big day. Separate your wedding

expenses into different categories and plan as such. The less you spend on the wedding, the more you can spend on the honeymoon.

3. Refine Your Guest List

You may feel compelled to invite all of your extended family and acquaintances to your wedding, but try to eliminate as much social pressure as possible so that you can clearly decipher who you’d really appreciate at your wedding. As much as you may feel it, you are not obligated to invite anyone to the wedding who you’re not entirely sure about- After all, it is yourbig day. Plus, trimming down your guest list will make a great difference in your budget. A more intimate wedding means a higher quality celebration for those near and dear to your heart.

4. Rethink Your Gift Registry

With the advent of online resources, your gift registry can now expand far beyond proper silverware and monogrammed salt and pepper shakers. Rather, set up a honeymoon fund online through one of the many free service providers. You can even upload photos from the trip so that your lovely patrons can see the value of the experience they helped provide. Moreover, if you have any talented friends looking to build up their portfolio, ask if they would be interested in providing photography, videography, or musical services at your event as your gift. Not only will this cut down on costs, but it will also give your ceremony a heart-warming personalized touch.

5. Timing

Is it imperative that you and your partner have your event on a Saturday? If not, rejoice! The cost of weddings sky-rockets immensely simply for weekend availability. If possible, plan for a weekday to reduce your expenses. Moreover, when venue shopping, make sure you hold out on mentioning that your event is a wedding as long as possible- Venues, DJs and service providers alike almost always charge more for these special events. Consider the time of day as well- It is much cheaper to serve cake and light refreshments than an entire meal.

6. Thrift it Up!

Thrift shops have become much more trendy over the past couple of years and with good reason- they offer a variety of second-hand items at great prices! If you’re super strapped for cash, many thrift stores have multiple wedding gowns on-hand that can be tailored to your body type at a much more affordable price point than purchasing a new gown. Moreover, thrift stores have more than clothes- Scouring thrift/99 cent stores for tiny decorations for the reception tables, dried flowers, etc. is a fun hunt and a great money-saving technique.

7. Location

Here is another opportunity to reach out to close friends and family for help instead of a gift. If anyone has access/discounts to a particular venue, or just has a beautiful property/backyard, ask if you could use it for the wedding or the reception. Venues can be pretty costly, and sometimes have restrictions that can limit your vision for your wedding. Save on the location, and spend more on the experience.

8. Be Your Own DJ

You two probably only want to hear your favorite songs anyway, so skip on an expensive DJ and load up a playlist with your favorite songs. Have your friend cue up the first dance song, and you’re set! A small speaker with Bluetooth compatibility is much cheaper than hiring a DJ, and it’s something you can use in your new lives together looking forward.

9. Catering

Explore your catering options outside of what the venue offers. Often these included packages tack on unnecessary costs and have limited flavor profiles. Instead, go out to a favorite local restaurant and inquire about catering. Not only will this be a lot cheaper, but you will be supporting something you care about while giving your guests a taste of something you both love as a couple. Even gourmet grocery stores like Whole Foods and Wegmans offer wedding catering packages at affordable prices without sacrificing any quality.

10. DIY

Ultimately, it’s a trade-off: Where you sacrifice money, you sacrifice time, and vice-versa. Hence, whenever you can invest more time so that you can save money. For example, instead of hiring someone to create your invites, create a template online and print them yourself. Get crafty with your decor. Think strategically about where your skillset lies, and what aspects of the wedding will require you to invest in outside help.

It is more than possible to have your dream wedding without breaking the bank. Ultimately, if you stick to a budget and plan out thoroughly before spending any money, you are likely to be much better off than most. Be sure to experiment with some of these helpful tips, and enjoy your big day and the extra cash in your wallet.

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