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10 Ways to Make Sure Your Backyard Wedding Is a Success

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

1. Design

Do a mock setup or drawing to make sure all your tables, chairs and rentals fit and flow well. The last thing you want is to get everything setup and realize there is no room for a dance floor or your DJ is sitting in the bushes. If your having a spring wedding make sure you plants and flowers will be alive and blooming.

2. Backup Plan

Weather can sometimes be unpredictable and if you don’t have a covered structure make sure you have a backup plan if it rains or if it’s extremely hot. Don’t chance it and wait until the day off to try to rent or buy some tents. Chances are you wont be able to find any last minute, leaving you in a stressful situation.

3. Neighbors

Depending on where you live, your neighbors might not be too happy with loud music. Be sure to inform your surrounding neighbors of your wedding plans. Be mindful since everyone has different work schedules and may need their peace and quiet while your celebration goes on all night. Ending you reception at about 10pm is always a safe bet. Make sure to inform you neighbors of rehearsal and ceremony times to insure they don’t have any disrupting hobbies or maintenance happening around the home.

4. Parking

This is often overlooked and underestimated. Talking to your neighbors if your property is limited on space is the way to go. Ask them if it will be an issue if people park in front of their houses to prevent blocking anyone in. Also ask your neighbors if any over flow parking can be in their driveway. Assign a parking attendant or attendants to assure there are no hiccups.

5. Power

Do you have a generator? Do you need one? The last thing you want is cords running across you backyard to give power to the DJ. It will not only be an eye sore but a hazard to your guests. Making sure your DJ or Officiant has wireless microphones when you say I do or make a toast.

6. Food

Does your food need to stay hot? Do you have it covered and away from little critters. If your getting it catered chances are they will need a kitchen so make sure there is adequate room and a functional space for them to prepare and serve the food. If you plan to have family members cook and have a buffet style dinner make sure you have chafing dishes and someone in charge of protecting and assuring the food is bug free and fresh. No one wants their guests to get sick.

7. Lighting

Adding lighting is crucial the last thing you want is when that sun goes down is a pitch-black dance floor and reception area. Even if you have back porch lights or neighbors that keep their lights on, it still might not be enough. Stringing some lights across wont only add lighting but give a starry night feel.

8. Restrooms

Please don’t skip out on outdoor restrooms to save money. Some people think it wont be a problem for their guests to come in and out of their home to use the restroom. Now if your wedding is intimate this may not be a problem, however if alcohol is involved there will be numerous trips to the restroom by multiple people causing possible plumbing problems or a mess you don’t want to wake up to and clean.

9. Licensing and Permits

Most of the time if your not having multiple weddings in a year, having just one will be covered under your home insurance policy and wont require any permits. It’s better to be safe than sorry so make sure to look up your counties guidelines and requirements.

10. Rentals

You have your DJ, Photographer and Caterer, but don’t forget about the rental companies. There is nothing better than the feeling of waking up to rental companies loading up the tables, chairs and other items so its one less thing you or family and friends have to handle. If you’re saving money from not having a venue then you can splurge a little in this area. Get a cozy lounge from that vintage rental company or maybe a photo booth for your guests to enjoy.

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