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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

The average wedding can cost you about $30,000 and there are plenty of ways to save money without breaking the bank or pulling your hair out in the process. Couples are getting wiser with their purchases and ditching the over the top extravagant weddings. Some couples are opting for more low key intimate weddings. Choosing beautiful destinations such as sandy beaches and mountain tops. Making weddings affordable and less stressful. Others are getting married in their own backyards saving them thousands on a venue. Below are some great ways for you to save money on your wedding.

1: Guest List

The average guest count in a wedding is about 150-200 guests, that's a lot of mouths to feed, alcohol to serve and people to entertain. Lets be honest out of the 200 guests, how many do you really want there. Cutting down your guest list will save you a ton of money. When deciding who to invite, write down a list of names of people who bring you joy. Who you couldn't imagine missing your special day. If an elopement is on your mind try to find a local company that offers these services.

2. Hire a Planner

I know it sounds like spending more money not saving, but many couples make the mistake of trying to handle it all. Assigning family members to coordinate and hiring uncle Sal to DJ. The problem is you end up feeling more stressed and ultimately spending more money trying to DIY your wedding. Hiring a wedding planner can save you thousands, they can recommend the best and make sure vendors are not over charging and taking care of your needs.

3. Rental Companies

Couples these days are buying their own decorations and hunting down tables and chairs to save a buck. Then afterwards trying to sell the items to make their money back. The problem is its not guaranteed you will resell the items at the cost your looking for, resulting in a home filled of wedding decorations you can't get rid of. Chances are the rental companies will be able to save you money and prevent a huge headache after your wedding.

4. Vendors

Make sure to do your research, I know that popular photographer is on your must have list, however looking into multiple vendors can give you more options and possibly save you money. If you look hard enough you will find there are lots of talented vendors that can provide you with the same amazing photographs you were dreaming of.

5. Venue

I know getting married at that beautiful winery in sunny California is all you keep dreaming about, but make sure to look at multiple venues before making a decision. There are plenty of beautiful affordable venues that will capture your heart and give you memories to last a life time. Look for friends and family that are willing to let you host your wedding on their beautiful property. With the right decor and rentals you can make any space magical.

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