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8 Websites for Free Printables to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

It’s so hard to keep kids entertained during summer vacation. Depending on where you live, outside play isn’t always an option with 100 degree weather. Below is a list of a few websites you can get free printable crafts for all ages that will keep them entertained for hours.


Fun and easy printable coloring pages, hats, puppets, baskets, paper toys and other projects for your littles. Learn how to make a African Savanna Diorama that will keep you kids busy and let their creative side shine.

2. Allfreekidscrafts.com

This website has tons of free printables and crafts for any occasion, from easy toddler crafts to last minute holiday ideas. If you have wild boys there are tons of crafts that will keep them active and occupied all day.

3. Mrprintables.com

Love this website, it has tons of modern echo friendly crafts, along with easy sewing patterns for kids. The haunted doll house looks so cool and fun to make using an old boxes and dolly pegs. You will certainly be Mummy of the year!

4. Artfulparent.com

Not just for printables but this website has lots of cool gift guides and a list of the best kids art supplies. With its own blog you can find printable crafts along with links to other fun activities and recommendations. You can even take a online course on Artful Parenting 101.

5. Babbledabbledo.com

If your not already intrigued by just the name, your going to love the colorful easy to navigate website. It has tons of crafts and activities for kids sorted by there interests. If your kids are into slime or building stuff this site is perfect!

6. Happyhooligans.ca

Looking for holiday specific crafts, then this is the site for you. They have a variety of different crafts and printables for any occasion. Not only can you find fun crafts but yummy recipes that are kid friendly.

7. Countyliving.com

A well known site for anything from shopping to gardening this website has it all. With lots of categories and endless articles, you are bound to find something for any kid big or small.

8. Pinterest.com

If all else fails you can always browse the very helpful, very addictive Pinterest. While sometimes pins can be dead links, most of the time you can find exactly what you are looking for. Just be aware you might get side tracked and start pinning all those trendy summer outfits and to die for recipes.

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