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8 Wedding Planning Secrets You Need to Know

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Your engaged and excited to start planning a wedding, and you have already dreamed up the perfect wedding. Now its time to bring all your must have’s to life. The only problem is most dreams come with a costly price tag nowadays. So lets put pencil to paper and figure out how to get the wedding of your dreams on your budget. Below are some suggestions on how to save money and prioritize what is really important to splurge on and where to cut cost. Here are some inside secrets on how to save money on the important purchase like your dress, favors and more.

1. Date

As exciting as it sounds to get married on 10-10-2020, Remember that a hundred other brides are thinking the same thing. What does that mean for you, that means the popular venues will all be booked up and you will be paying what the industry calls “premium rates”. Some vendors will even charge higher prices for popular dates including venues. Choosing an off-season date or a not so popular date will save you tons of money. Remember your day will always be special no what time of year or date it falls on so don’t get stuck on that catchy date just because it seems important at the time. You should also stay away from holiday weekends as well. Having an out of town wedding will not only cost you more money but your guest will also feel the brunt of that pricy rate from hotels which could be twice as much as non holiday weekends.

2. Wedding Dress

So you found that perfect dress you have always dreamt of but the price tag will bring you nightmares in your sleep. So do you take the leap and pay that premium price even though it may put you in debt? The good news is you most likely don’t have to! Let me share some insight, most bridal dress shops carry the same brands. If you found your dream dress at a higher end shop, call around and see if other stores carry that same dress, chances are you will be able get it for cheaper. Also search online for that particular dress and you might be able to get a better deal than from a brick and mortar store. When doing this just make sure the site is reputable, you don’t want to order a dress that comes in looking nothing like the listing online. I actually found my dress online and went to a local store to try it on in my size. When I was certain it was the perfect dress for me I purchased it online and had it altered at a local store saving me tons of money.

3. Venue

OK this one goes back to that 10-10-2020 date that is currently a must have on your list. I get it, it sounds catchy and easy to remember. However remember there are always ways to save money. One idea is having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday night. Most venues will charge an increased rate for Saturday nights. Or how about having your wedding in an off-season, which could save you hundreds of dollars. Make sure to do your research on venues to find that perfect one with the right price tag for your budget. This can be tedious and time consuming but you might just come across that beautiful private estate that only allows a few weddings a year. Chances are they are going to be charging a lot less then a more established venue and the memories will last a lifetime.

4. Photographer

Having a great photographer is a must at a wedding and something I strongly recommend NOT

skimping on. When you look back on all your memories most of them will be captured by your photographer. However there are ways to save money. Asking if they provide less shooting time can save you some money. Maybe you envisioned the photographer capturing every single moment from start to finish. Let’s be honest, do you really need 100 photos of your guests dancing at night. If your hiring a videographer having those moments on video are way more exciting then looking at them in a photo. Out of the hundreds of photos only a few will be going up on your wall or shared on social media.

5. Invitations

I know you want to wow your guests with an elaborate 5 card invitation, but the average cost for wedding invitations is around $800, that’s before postage. Remember no matter how much money you spend on invitations unfortunately they will end up in the garbage or pinned to someone’s fridge with a million other photos. Try an online service like Greenvelope where you can browse through tons of designs. People will always remember your wedding night and not necessarily your invitations so fell free to save some money here or use the extra cash for something your guest will remember like an extra bottle of wine on each table! The other option is to try the DIY approach. If your not crafty yourself, we all have a friend who is. Ask for their help I’m sure they would be glad to help you.

6. Photo Booth

We all have been to a wedding and crammed ourselves into a photo booth with a handful of friends. Its fun and something to do while you wait for your dinner, however there are ways to save. Selfie Booths/Open Air Booths are on the up and coming and can save you a pretty penny. If you are already renting a lounge from your favorite vintage rental company then you already have your backdrop. Simply add one adorable couch and some props will suffice. Don’t forget to include some selfie sticks to finish off the experience. Not only will this save you some cash, but will get your guest to intermingle and have a great time.

7. Favors

So you’ve searched Pinterest and found that perfect favor. Its on this lovely website that at the time seems pretty affordable. Now multiply that by all of your guests and see if it still seems reasonable. If so great you have done your job. If not then I guarantee you can find them cheaper! Look at wholesale websites like Aliexpress, it may take longer to get your favors but you will save some serious money in the long run. Just be sure to look at the reviews and make sure the seller is in good standing.

8. Liquor

Having an open bar sounds amazing especially for your guests. But lets be real about, is having an open bar really the best choice? Not only for your wallet, but for those who tend to drink on the heavier side. You don’t want a group of friends or family members getting too tipsy and causing a scene. Buying a few cases of wine for the tables and having the guest pay for drinks is surprisingly not out of the ordinary. Most of the time they consume the free wine before heading to the bar anyway. If you’re having a more causal wedding then a few kegs can help save some money as well. I have also been to weddings where guest are handed out a drink ticket or too. This is a great way to include some free drinks from the bar without your guest or wallet getting out of control.

At the end remember this is your day. If you use these tips you will have a great wedding that you and your guest will always remember. And don’t forget you will also have some extra cash to take with you on your honeymoon or to use to put into the home of your dreams.

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