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Tips on How to Look Younger & More Refreshed

Sometimes our dissatisfaction with how we look is not about how other people will view us but about how worthy we feel the look is worthy of us but most times it's the outside world that gets to us. We hear of how someone was walked out of a model casting or turned down at a movie audition because according to the casting directors they did not have skin as beautiful as is required to get the job. More often than not, this is true. The majority of the world population do not care about their skin enough to keep it healthy. They only start fussing when a discoloration, rash, pimple, or a wrinkle appears here or there. Then, they are all over the internet looking for the fastest cosmetic remedy. A good skin is as important a component of your look as every piece of clothing you wear, probably even more important. It is possible to have great skin without makeup, even though it is not a piece of cake. Let's take a look at some tips to keep your skin looking great!

Drink Enough Water

I once read somewhere that "To have a great skin, drink lots of water and mind your business!" Funny, but the first part of the key is true. To keep your skin in great shape you have to keep yourself hydrated. Notice that the subheading has "enough". This factors the variability in the amount of water every individual needs. Our bodies are different and as such there is no hard fast formula for calculating how much water your body needs. It is advisable to drink whether or not you are thirsty, so that you do not drink too little water. Your body eliminates waste with water and if you have too little water in your body, much of the waste might be retained. A general advice is to have some 8-10 glasses of water daily. Drinking this much water might be stressful at the start but it soon becomes a habit. You should carry a bottle of water along everywhere so you do not default.

Eat healthy

It's about time you threw all the junk out and started eating some good food. If you want great skin, you do not want to eat just anything. Eat a balanced diet. Ensure that omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and other vitamins and minerals are a regular feature in your diet. To do this you should take fresh fruits and vegetables as well as pulses. It might be expensive but remember that good-looking skin does not come cheap. Eating right also has added advantages for your health.

Do not go to bed without cleaning your face

Like was stated earlier, it might be difficult but with time things like this become easy. You shouldn't go to bed without washing off the day's dirt from your face unless you want a break out. Wash with soap and warm water or use a cleanser and rinse of the excess. Avoid using hot or cold water as while the latter closes your pores, the former dries your skin out. Sometimes, you might be so tired that you just want to drop on the bed and sleep. Facial wipes come in handy at such times get your self a pack of Boogie Wipes. Work those contours and ensure your entire face is thoroughly cleaned out.

Do not take breaks from your morning wash

Yes, I know you were up till 5 a.m. this morning and you just woke up, it's probably 9:00 am, and you're super late for work. You don't get to boycott that morning wash of you really care for your skin. If you refuse to clear your pores for an entire day, they will remain clogged and your face would have a hard time breathing. Get a quality facial wash like CeraVe Hydrating Face Wash for great results.

Do not use too many products on your skin

Being consistent with the first two tips would probably help you escape the use of too many products on your skin. When the products you use are too much, they may begin to irritate your skin. If the application process is burdensome, there is an increased chance that you skip some routine steps.

Use only what works for your skin

There are different skin types. The most common are the oily and dry skin. These different skin types have different needs and therefore different products are appropriate for them. Another kind of skin is the sensitive skin. People who have this kind of skin develop skin reaction to many skin care products. You must ensure that the products you use are compatible with your skin. This is probably that part of skincare that sends us to the dermatologist.

Sleep well

We all want more than 24 hours in a day to do all we want to do. Sadly, we don't have that. We must make good use of what we have so that we get enough sleep. Lack of sleep does more than leave you stressed. Sleep aids skin cell regeneration. Ideally, you should get at least eight hours of sleep daily.


In addition to health benefits like the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, regular exercise is also a good drug for the skin. It helps relieve the stress in your nerves. There are also some exercises that help tone your muscles so that they are tighter and firm. You can also try yoga or meditation, in order to calm your nerves.

Care for you make-up brushes and sponges

Make-up brushes can be an important source of germs to the skin, if not properly cared for. There is an increased risk when these brushes are shared. They can be washed with shampoos and conditioners. They may also be cleaned with an antiseptic. Like toothbrushes, they expire and should be replaced appropriately.

It is good to give your skin a spa treatment once in a while but while you wait or if you can't afford it, these tips are sure to help you maintain a healthy skin. If a healthy and young looking skin is what you want, none of these is a price to high to be payed.

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