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Top 8 Stores to Save You Money on Home Decor.

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

1.Home Goods

If you don’t walk into Home Goods and immediately feel good, then maybe your not addicted to shopping as much as I am. The first thing I do is head over to the clearance section. If takes some time but if you look hard enough you can find great finds. Sometimes the item is missing a screw or slightly defected. Most of the time its nothing a little TLC can’t help and you get an amazing deal.

2. Walmart

Ok I know Walmart gets a bad rep but if you don’t like stepping inside the store try online. If you haven’t checked out Drew Barrmore’s new Flower Home collection it’s a must! Its boho meets modern retro, so stylish. Walmart has really stepped up their game when it comes to decor. I find the cutest farmhouse and bohemian decorations. You can find anything from wall decor to accent rugs, all of course at a great affordable price. So don’t be afraid to at least browse the website, if taking a trip inside is out of the question.

3. Target

I haven’t met a person who doesn’t love this store. Although you don’t always find the best deal you can find some great ones. The Magnoila Collection and Opalhouse home decor is to die for. Just like Home Goods if you head over the clearance section you will find some treasures. Also the best perk getting that 5% discount with your red card.

4. Kirklands

I love the smell of Kirklands, I can never really pin point what it is, but it’s so welcoming. This store has the best selection and sales on wall accent decor. From paintings to cute quotes they have it all. Don’t forget to check out the seasonal section where you can score some goodies.

5. Hobby Lobby

The first time I walked into this store my heart almost gave out! From someone who loves DIY, crafts and decor this place is heaven. I will warn you it’s big and a lot of stuff to look at so make sure you have a few hours to waste. The best part is if you go on the right day you get the amazing discounts using coupons and everyday sales.

6. Ross

This store holds a special place in my heart. I will say it 100 percent matters which location you go to when trying to find the best selection. One store will have one shelf of home decor while another one has aisle after aisle. You will hands down find the best and cheapest prices for home decor. While it does take time to go through each aisle since things are never where they should be its totally worth it.

7. Joann

The best time to shop here is off-season, that’s when all the décor is like 60 percent off. If you’re afraid of missing out on the pick of the litter than using those handy coupons is the way to go. Being able to use unlimited coupons with each purchase is even better. Make sure you have the Joann mobile app, sign up your email and give your address to get all the coupons. This is the best way to double up on all the coupons in one trip. Oh and this is another store that always smells amazing especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

8. Michaels

Like Joann’s you can use the handy coupons to save money however from my experience they don’t allow you to use multiple ones at a time. Shopping off-season is best at this store as well. Since they want to get rid of items, and make room for the next season. The everyday sales can be pretty good as well depending on the section.

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